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1988 - I drink Aperol, what about you?
1988 - I don't know about you, but I drink Aperol?
Lorenzo Mattotti - 1988
Lorenzo Mattotti - 1989
Lorenzo Mattotti - 1990
Lorenzo Mattotti - 1991
Lorenzo Mattotti - 1993
Welcome to the Aperol Happy Hour! This campaign was shot in MIlan in 2003 with the Italian redhead Marta Cecchetto.
Another memorable on-air spot features Amanda Rosa Da Silva as a barmaid cat walking on a row of tables while serving Aperol Spritz. The closing phrase, “Happy Spritz, Happy Aperol” contributes to the explosive success of the drink in Italy.
The 2008/2009 campaign focuses on aperitif time and Spritz preparation. The slogan “Spritz life? Aperol Spritz!” is an invitation to enjoy life in a simple, cheerful, spontaneous way.
The protagonists of this new campaign are the iconic Aperol redhead and a resourceful bartender, who creates a fantastic “sunsplash” by putting a slice of orange into her glass while the sun sets into the sea. The soundrack is “Street Life” by Randy Crawford.