Meet Aperol

Our Joyful Essence

Discover what makes Aperol so unique.

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Its unique and bittersweet taste is derived from a secret original recipe that has stayed consistent over time. An infusion of specially selected ingredients – such as oranges, herbs, and roots – lends the perfect balance.
  • Bright orange in color
    Unmistakable and vibrant
  • Unique taste
    A secret mix of herbs and roots
  • Low ABV
    11% alcohol by volume

Aperol Tasting Notes

  • Nose
    Lightly alcoholic, with zesty orange and complex herbal notes, complemented by a touch of vanilla
  • Body
    Intensely orange with herbal notes, pleasantly bittersweet
  • Texture
    Velvety and rounded
  • Finish
    Lingering herbal and bittersweet notes