Our story

Together since 1919

The history of Aperol and Aperol Spritz from the beginning.

Experimentation and dedication

Aperol is the perfect result of seven years’ hard work, experimentation and dedication from the Barbieri brothers, Luigi and Silvio, who inherited the liqueur company of their father, Giuseppe, in 1912.

Aperol and conviviality

In the immediate post-war period and in later years, Aperol became popular all over Italy, particularly with young adults gathered in cafes in Padua and traditional bars in Venice.

Welcome Aperol Spritz

In the 50’s the famous recipe that made Aperol Spritz so popular was born. This is also the period of “Il Carosello”, the first Aperol TV commercial.

From Veneto to the world

A period of great active impulse for Aperol communication begins, gaining a more cosmopolitan and international dimension.

Aperol Spritz Revolution

Following Aperol’s acquisition by Gruppo Campari, the brand continues a strong advertising campaign behind Aperol Spritz and becomes more international. These are the years when Aperol builds strong ties to consumers through art, advertising, music and lifestyle, achieving resounding success in Italy and around the world.

Aperol Spritz Vibes

The Aperol Spritz vibes reach town squares with a world record event and its vibrant and cheerful atmosphere.
Cheers to More

100 Years of Joy

Recognised around the world for sparking joyful connections and creating memorable shared experiences, Aperol toasts to 100 years of joy projecting the brand into the future.